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Updated 11/06/2019 with new speed zone

Sample Page from this years race . . .

(click for larger view)

The 23 pages of maps include the following ...

  • Race course with directional arrows
  • Virtual Checkpoint locations
  • Mile Markers at every VCP
  • SCORE Checkpoint locations
  • Major highways with kilometer markers
  • Access roads with mileage tick marks
  • Speed zones clearly marked with limit signs
  • BFG Pit Locations
  • Baja Pits Locations
  • A great addition to your pit books!


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You are purchasing all the homework
done by Murdock Navigation for this years Baja 1000.
These 23 full color map pages are the result of months of research, chasing, racing, and pre-running.
This download is only available in electronic format.  Murdock Navigation will not print any hard copies of these maps for this race.
The buyer is responsible for any printing of these maps for their teams.
A must have for any chase vehicle in Baja.
Only  $139.99 USD
Murdock Nav 2019 Baja 1000
File is around 46mb

This .pdf can be used on your cell phone, laptop, tablet, or printed out
for use in a chase vehicle.


**All Sales Final; Accessing and Risk of Loss.
All purchases of the Murdock Navigation Background Maps are final.  Once you purchase the files and we make them available to you, you are responsible for downloading and confirming your ability to access the files on your GPS unit, including retrieving the license key for the files if applicable, and bear all risk of loss thereafter, including any loss due to a computer or hard drive malfunction. If you  have a problem with the download link, or are unable to complete a download, please contact Murdock Navigation for assistance, and we will do everything in our power to help you out. We will usually continue making the files you have purchased available to you so that you can download additional copies of the background maps and retrieve your license key (if applicable), but that is not always the case, and we may limit or disable further downloads of the background maps due to licensing restrictions or for other reasons.




Every effort to make these maps as accurate as possible was used.  Due to the
variety of resources utilized to gain information to make these maps, some things
may have been overlooked, disregarded, or may be down-right wrong. 
You may see some islands in the file, but they are for reference only.  Please
do not try to navigate out to them.  We do not accept any responsibility
for any errors, omissions, flubs, or mistakes that the maps may have.

Upon purchasing the files (maps), the user accepts full responsibility for any damage
that might be caused or suffered by using this information.  Each user is responsible for
any damage that these files may cause to their computer and/or GPS. 
Murdock Navigation does not accept any responsibility whatsoever
for any damage caused by the use of these files.  Use at your own risk.

If you don't like these terms, please do not buy my chip. 
However, by purchasing my files, you are
bound by the aforementioned terms above.








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