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Back in the late 60's a small race team comprised mainly of family and some close friends began a relationship with the Baja peninsula starting with the NORRA series.  Like so many others, my Uncle, Don Simpson along with his close friend Dale Webb, set out to challenge themselves against the Baja.  With very few sponsors and a whole lot of enthusiasm, they finished the race and were hooked from then on. 

After many years of successful racing and some not so good, they passed the competitive bug onto their sons incorporating yet another generation into the realm of off-road racing.  From motorcycles to trophy trucks and every class in between, our family has been a part of it. 

For those times we are not racing, we have engaged in hundreds of fishing trips, family vacations, goof-off trips, holiday get-togethers and general exploratory excursions all up and down the entire peninsula.  Before the paving of the Transpeninsular Highway in the early 70's, a special trip was made by Don and his wife Lee, to travel the road one last time before it fell prey to the "black doom" of asphalt.  As is said of Baja, "Bad roads bring good people", and he is one of the best there is in Baja with over a million miles traveled south of the border.

When Don took me to his house in San Felipe for the first time back in 1981, he had me hooked me too.  I am sort of a navigator at heart, and love to look at maps every chance I get, especially race maps.  I got my first of several GPS units back in 2001 and have used them constantly ever since.  Each trip, be it a race or just a play trip, we have been gathering GPS information of our ventures in Mexico.  We have merged all the information into one file that focuses on the best of all worlds for Off-Road Racing by creating the most informative electronic background maps possible when it comes to Baja for the Lowrance GPS. 

Over the years 40 plus years of traveling the roads down south, a good map or road-book has always been in the cab of each vehicle we drive.  As the years progressed, our knowledge grew and our equipment improved.  Now a GPS unit is in each vehicle, even in Don's 1970 Ford truck with this GPS chip.

Curtis circa January 1978 in Barstow at one of my first off-road races. (click for large image)

 Primary Features of the chip...

  • Focuses exclusively on Baja California, and parts of Puerto Penasco
  • Developed by racers and chasers – for racers and chasers
  • Focuses primarily on “chase roads” for all Baja races as well as all Major Highways
  • Includes city streets with street names (where known)
  • Ranchos with names (where known)
  • Major "points of interest" all along the peninsula (intersections and "junctions")
  • Contains the majority of back roads from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas along race courses
  • Pemex station locations for major towns as well as many smaller towns
  • Incorporates major topographical contour lines


The information on these chips is based on the combined efforts and experiences of family and friends, as well as information gathered from multiple race teams.  Our Baja map chip is the result of hundreds of cumulative years of racing, chasing, exploring, and extensive general research of maps, almanacs, and on online resources.





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